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FIRST COAST REGION MARC/MAFCA, INC. MODEL A MEETING MINUTES July 11, 2023 The July meeting was called to order by President Walter Koroluk at the Hilltop Restaurant with the pledge of allegiance to the flag. There were twenty-three members: Andy and Joan Harrell, Paul and Carol Dorais, Terry and Becky Davidson, Ellis and Nancy Ulrich, Paul and Judy Sandefer, Lonnie and Donna Walls, Larry and Judy Smart, Walter and Diana Koroluk, Rockie Rich, Randy and Debbie Poirier, Nevin Kemmerer II and Nevin Kemmerer III, Bob Jacoby and Skip Forbes. We had three visitors present, Mitch and Kim Thompson who were voted in as new members during the meeting and also Christopher Forbes, Skip’s son. Officer Reports: - Vice President Terry Davidson introduced our visitors, Mitch and Kim Thompson. They had filled out the application and paid dues to join. At the start of our meeting, the club voted to approve membership and they are our newest members of the club. - Secretary’s Minutes of the last meeting in June were verified as received and read, motion to accept presented and the minutes were accepted as read. - Treasurers report provided by Randy Poirier. He reviewed our balance and incoming funds to be deposited to the club’s account. His financial report was voted on and accepted as read. - Webmaster update was provided by Randy Poirier. The website is finished from a framework perspective. We are going to be adopting some links from the Crankin A Club website as they have a larger/better set of links and we will be cross sharing with them. Randy stated he has begun adding information from meeting minute write ups in our past events monthly meeting section of the website. As a reminder, he had set up a sheet that identifies the information and formats required to upload information to the website and Walter had sent the document out in email to all club members as well as providing hard copies at the July meeting. The email address of must be used for everything that needs to be posted to the website so requests will not get intermingled with personal emails. Chris Rule has confirmed with Randy that he will be managing the event portion of our website. Nancy Ulrich will continue to use the webmaster email above to send gallery or fun stuff updates to be added. On a final note, we will evaluate past photos that have been archived from our prior website at a later date to be added. Old Business – - Supplier Ads – Walter Koroluk has spoken with Bert’s and though they have stated they sent out their check for advertising on our site, we have never received it and he feels they will not be following through. Walter encouraged members to be sure to ask vendors at the time they are working with them to see if they will consider advertising on our club website. - Past President Henry Coleman has been uploading prior photos he has for our club to a disc to send to Nancy to assist with getting the historical photos uploaded to our website. - Club Gear (cups, tote bags, etc.) is being managed by our club member, Ginny Winters. Please see her for purchase of any club gear. - We need all members car photos loaded to our website. We have 40 members and only 22-member cars posted on the website. Ken Charron has volunteered to photograph member cars for upload. Please email your car photo utilizing the correct process listed on our website guidelines to - For member cars: - Car image: must be JPG – provide image and file name - Car year, type and name for each image submitted. New Business – - The club needs to get more new members involved as possibly a Chairman in the operation of the club for Tech Talk, Events and the Website. - Terry Davidson will head up the Garage Day events (sending out reminders). - Nancy Ulrich is the Roster chairperson to handle all updates to personal information and adding of new members to our roster. - During our member car updates or when any repairs are needed for your car, remember that many people in the club may have spare parts that can be sold or given to other club members. In addition to individual members, Ellis Ulrich reminded our club members that the club has a population of parts that is available and stored in one of the buildings on his property. Previous events review – - July 1st Mandarin Community Club’s 100th year anniversary – The members of the Mandarin Community Club loved our cars and spent time posing with our vehicles. The clubhouse was previously the home of Harriet Beecher Stowe. Everyone was dressed in period outfits (1920’s) and the club had a delicious dinner that they cooked (ham, meatloaf, string beans, deviled eggs, mac and cheese and a cake for dessert. They put on a skit and did dance demonstrations and it was a really fun evening. - July 4th (un-sanctioned) club parade in Orange Park – There were 15 members including the Walls, Dorais, Ulrich, Poirier, Davidsons (including Terry’s mom), Sandefer and Smart met at the Smart’s house where we decorated our cars with patriotic gear. We drove down Moody Road, Doctors Lake Drive, down Kingsley to River Road with a lot of horns honking, people smiling, thumbs up, waving and yelling to us and then went behind the dog track to park and take a break. Our club members Fred and Jeannie McCutcheon and their grandchildren joined us with other people to take pictures and talk about our cars. We had one car down just after the parade ended as we were going to lunch. Ten members headed over to Grumpy’s Restaurant for a great lunch before we went back to the disabled car to transport it with Randy’s trailer and then headed home. It was a great day! Upcoming events – - August 19 – Club’s 60th year anniversary Banquet – Location (Hilltop Restaurant, Orange Park) from 2:00 to around 6:00 pm. The cost is $35.00 per person which includes the meal, tax and tip. Nancy Ulrich designed invitations and brought them to our meeting with the response cards for those present and the rest were mailed out to club members not present. We are looking for everyone to send back a response whether they are able to go or not. The club is collecting the funds ahead of time and will provide one check to Hilltop Restaurant with the menu orders for those attending. We would love to see as many members as possible in period outfits, driving their cars and with a story to tell about their Model A vehicle or experiences. - September 9th – National Model A Day. Location TBD Tech Talk – - Distributors / Paul Sandefer - Paul’s distributor broke down recently following the July 4th parade (it was only making contact intermittently). He found on the bottom of the points that the post that should have been making contact had worn away. It ran for 8 years missing that part. He felt the best way to ensure contact is with the plate with the long wire that wraps around inside and then attaches to the points. If you are experiencing trouble starting your car, make sure that you have a good solid connection from the lower plate to the upper plate in your distributor. Updates of health and welfare of members and cars was given. - Discussion concerning our cars with members resulted in Rocky Rich telling about his replacement radiator that he got from AlloyWorks. He said it is working great, his temperature is good and looks really good with the bright aluminum. - Several members have recently purchased replacement upholstery at Hobby Lobby and JOANN Fabrics and Crafts. Nancy Ulrich has gotten fabric previously at Bry-Tech Distributors (904-354-8691) at 1143 Haines Street (aka 20th Street Expressway). Walter and Lonnie discussed what they used to support the re-upholstery for door panels (plywood veneer or 3/16” synthetic board). Garage Day – - Garage Day Is the first Saturday of each month which will occur on August 5th. - Walter spoke with Bill Warner about meeting at his place at 12:00 noon on August 5th, going to lunch and coming back to look at his cars. Members may meet at Mandarin Community Center at 12447 Mandarin Road at 10:00 am (leaving at 10:15 to head to Mike Lusko’s house, then head over to Bill Warner’s to go out to lunch and come back to look at cars. - If anyone needs a garage day they should contact Terry Davidson. Our 50/50 was won by Judy and Paul Sandefer. There was a second drawing for a double cup holder donated by Skip Forbes and Paul and Carol Dorais won the cup holder. Next meeting will be Tuesday, August 8, 2023 at Hilltop Restaurant. Respectfully submitted, Carol Dorais, Secretary

  • Date: 7/11/2023 06:00 PM
  • Location 2030 Wells Road, Orange Park, FL, USA (Map)
  • More Info: Hilltop Restaurant