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FIRST COAST REGION MARC/MAFCA, INC. MODEL A MEETING MINUTES June 13, 2023 The June meeting was called to order by President Walter Koroluk at the Hilltop Restaurant with the pledge of allegiance to the flag. There were 27 members and one visitor present. Our visitor, Craig Donor is a retired marine and owns a 1930 Model A Tudor since 2006. Officer Reports: Vice President Terry Davidson reported we continue to receive multiple contacts through our website requesting information about our club. He also stated that our visitor, Craig Donor filled out an application for membership and paid his dues to join. During our meeting, the club voted to approve membership and he is now our newest member of the club. We have another prospective member, Jamison Long that has made inquiry but did not attend the meeting or complete an application at this time. Secretary’s Minutes of the last meeting in May verified received, motion to accept presented and the minutes were accepted as read. Treasurers report provided by Randy Poirier. He reviewed our incoming and outgoing funds and current balance matches to bank statement. It was voted on and accepted as read. Webmaster update was provided by Randy Poirier. Chris Rule has been working with Randy and is getting up to speed on web updates. Randy has set up a sheet that identifies the information and formats required to update information in our website. He has updated the website to remove reference to our vendor, Site123. Our domain name has moved over from an execution perspective to Site123 hosting site. We now have the ability to have two email addresses specific to the website. Randy has taken one of the emails to set up an email address of: Everything that needs to be posted to the website must go to the new email address shown above so these requests will not get intermingled with personal emails. Multiple members that will be assisting with updates will share access to this email box. Randy reviewed functionality within the website such as our sponsor’s business card being used for advertising. We can click that card which will take us directly to that vendor’s website. Old Business – Club Financial Position – Update on supplier ads. Walter Koroluk spoke with Bert’s and they have stated they sent out their check for advertising on our site. Walter encouraged members to ask vendors at the time they are working with them to see if they will consider advertising on our club site. Club 60th year celebration planning - We have a governing committee with Carol Dorais, Nancy Ulrich and Diana Koroluk to help coordinate and plan the celebration with the assistance of our club members. August 19th is the date for celebration at the Hilltop Restaurant in Orange Park at 2:00 pm. Walter previously provided a menu supplied by the owner Chad for the celebration with pared down pricing to $35.00 per person that included the meal, tax and tip. The governing committee held a brief pre-meeting prior to our club meeting on June 13th to begin discussions planning the event including parking, decorations, commemorative trinket, etc. Walter suggested a logo of “Sixty years of shifting gears” with Model A car photos. We would like members to plan to drive cars and dress in period clothing if possible. Next planning meeting will take place on June 22nd at Donna Wall’s house open to all of our lady members. Club records and history conversion to digital – Nancy Ulrich provided an update that she has not been able to complete additional updates to the website since she has been working on revising and updating the roster. Work completed to date is up on the website under “fun stuff” at the following link: The roster has been updated by Nancy Ulrich and each member present received a booklet with the laminated member list and contact information to keep in our cars, large page listing of member information, a section called tidbits with a 2008 newspaper article, information on the different models of Model A vehicles and it also includes the By-Laws for our club. As new members are added, members will be provided with a sticker with the new members information to add to your contact pages. Day and overnight road trips – Need club members input. Our Model A Club Facebook page will be set up with a new name First Coast Region Model A Club of Jacksonville, Florida with proposal to be set up and handled by Brian Kleven. Any chats between members should occur on Facebook rather than the website since the website can be viewed by anyone; the Facebook access should be limited to members. Need all member car photos loaded to our website. We have 37 members and only 22-member cars posted on the website. Ken Charron has volunteered to photograph member cars for upload to our website. New Business – 77th Revival AAA Glidden Tour – Thomasville, GA. October 22-27: This will be a large function with higher costs than most. We are not planning to do this as a club function but are providing a link for those that may wish to pursue registration and/or attendance. Previous events review – May 21 – Ford Motor Company and Duval Ford recognizing the Ford Plant in Jacksonville, FL. Walter Koroluk provided an update on this event. We had 5 members cars represented at the event and they prepared a plaque for each car with owner names, year and type of Model A. Sandefer’s, Poirier’s, Quina’s, Wall’s and Smart’s vehicles were present at the event. June 10 – Knights of Columbus Fundraiser for Ukrainian relief from 10:00 to 2:30 pm at Sacred Heart Catholic Church at 5752 Blanding Blvd, Orange Park. Entry fee was $25.00. There was good attendance at the event with approximately 75 cars. From our club we had the Kemmerers, Smart, Walls, Davidson and Koroluk attending. Upcoming events – June 23/24 - Great American Race Start St. Augustine, FL. Location to be the street around Francis Field in St. Augustine. The board discussed we would not try to drive our Model A cars due to how early we would have to arrive to get parking on the street. If attending, it may be best to drive our modern cars. July 1 – Ravine Gardens 90th Anniversary Ice Cream Social and Antique Car Show in Palatka, FL. This starts late in the afternoon and ends in the evening which would require us to travel back late in the evening. We will not pursue this as a club event. July 4th – Decorate your cars and meet at Larry Smart’s house by 10:00 am - Tour of Orange Park, River Road, past Orange Park Mall and end with lunch at Tom and Betty’s on Hwy 17 (Park Avenue). August 19 – Club’s 60th year Banquet – Location (Hilltop Restaurant, Orange Park). September 16th – National Model A Day. We will need a letter from Walter Koroluk requesting the use of the parking lot at Black Knight for this event. Tech Talk – Walter Koroluk provided discussion of an article concerning carburetors and air filters Air filters should never be used on a Model A. It will affect the flow of the fuel in the carburetors and ruins the engine. There is a documentary concerning the negative effects of using an air filter on early Ford vehicles. Below is a link to the article. Determining a Model A’s value by condition and model based on 371 Model A vehicles (no hotrods). Discussion by Walter Koroluk about a valuator on eBay that used data from 11/2020 to 5/2023. The price range depended on the model and the condition of the vehicle. Half of the vehicles sold under $12K, 75% sold for under $16K. Overall average just under $13K. Group A: Perfect condition, national trophy winners – average $31 K Group B: Great condition, recent restoration – average $18K Group C: Good condition, older restoration, normal wear and tear – average $11K Group D: Needs complete restoration – average $4K Updates of health and welfare of members and cars was given. Garage Day – The first Saturday of each month which will occur on July 8th. Randy Poirier needs help with Deb’s car so members assisting can meet over at his house. 50/50 was won by Becky Davidson. Next meeting will be July 11, 2023 at Hilltop Restaurant. Respectfully submitted, Carol Dorais, Secretary

  • Date: 6/13/2023 06:00 PM
  • Location 2030 Wells Road, Orange Park, FL, USA (Map)
  • More Info: Hilltop Restaurant